Monday, June 11, 2007

Chhutti Time!!

The heat in Delhi is killing…47 degrees, ugh! But finally my much needed break is here. I’m off for a vacation guys! You’ve no idea how much I was lookin forward to this- and it’s finally here!

It was tough getting leave from office since I’m still on “probation”. The GM was clearly not happy with it and gave me a piece of her mind. But my immediate manager’s a darling! So I’m going to get extra chocolates for her! ;)

I’ll be going to Helsinki and Stockholm for about 10 days. This is my first trip abroad and I’m super excited! Finally my poor empty passport has a visa on it! :P

Almost my entire family’s going with me, including my nieces- so I’m gonna have a ball for sure. My packing’s almost done…just a few things here and there. Eeeeee this is gonna be so much fun!!

I leave tonight so I guess I’ll say a quick goodbye! Just hope the monsoons hit Delhi by the time I’m back. See ya guys, and pray that everything goes according to plan!!

Love ya!! :)


Rohit Talwar said...

Oh man you lucky one.
Have a blast!

desperado said...

Have a rocking time
n i do hope that u bring back some cooler weather

Stone said...

ahhh sounds coooooool!!!
Have a blast and post the pics soon :-)

anuj said...

aww .. thts great ..

Have a ball of a time !!


manuscrypts said...

ooh, do we get to see some international posts, travelogue etc etc :D

shy said...

enjoy! hope ur trip is a rocking one..

Reeta Skeeter said...

oyi!!! how nice? njoy!!! cheers! HB!

Prasoon said...

Am waiting for the day when I'd say this - "Finally my poor empty passport has a visa on it!"

Have a nice trip :)

johney said...

Don't know about monsoon, but it finally rained.

Hope you have a great time.

Mirage said...

@rohit: I agree!!

@dhruv: I packed some cool air, but it all evaporated in this cruel heat!

@Stone: Will do! :)

@Anuj: I did too!! :D

@Manuscrypts: Jee, well, all I can give u is a first hand review of the place! Hope it suffices :)

@Shy: Thanks girl! It really was rocking :)

@Prasoon: Haha! Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai ;)

@Johney: Aww well, its all bak to being hot agen! :(