Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting down to business

Long hours, loads of work, no social life... that’s how I pictured my life to be after I joined work. Well, I wasn’t entirely wrong. There are long hours, there is a truckload of work everyday, and my social life is now restricted to weekends. But along with all of that, it’s FUN! To wake up and go to work every morning not knowing, when I’ll be let off, but with the certainty of learning something new, something extraordinary each day.

I remember the zillions of butterflies I had in my tummy on my first day of work. My mind was abuzz with innumerable thoughts on how my first day was going to be like. I had to be there on time no matter what. Everything had to be just perfect.

I was ten minutes late.

I remember being stuck in traffic and feeling the tears of frustration welling up in my eyes. I’d so wanted to make a good first impression. But to my relief, when I reached the office, my seniors didn’t say a word and were as warm with me as they were with the others. That’s when I knew, this journey wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought.

After the initial exchange of courtesies and introductions, we were asked to make a presentation on a random topic. In the days that followed, we conducted surveys and a bunch of more presentations along with lectures from our seniors. It was then that it dawned upon me that this place means business… period.

My office is a not a factory. It’s a place to learn, to acquire new skills and to hone the existing ones. In the little time that I’ve spent here, I’ve got to learn a lot. And I don’t mean just PR. Of course, being surrounded by professionals, some of their expertise does rub off on you. I’ve learnt the importance of discipline in life. Doing something at a particular time may sound like a very mundane activity, but it really makes a lot of difference.

Another aspect that I learnt was the significance of building relationships. I’d never given a serious thought to what a valuable role our relations play in our lives. The people we relate to reflect on us. It’s through our relationships that people form an opinion about us. Thus the need to understand people and their requirements is of prime importance in my job.

It’s quite remarkable how in such a short period, I have been able to learn so much. My office seems more like a close-knit family to me, and I feel privileged to be a part of this unit. I know how much they believe in imparting knowledge, and I’m glad to be at the receiving end of it all.


Rohit Talwar said...

I'm just wondering how you made it (if you did) at 7 in the morning! :O

All the best for the journey. :)

Err, pizzas for lunch, anyone?


Rajeev said...

glad to know ur enjoyin it.

Peace & love

Anonymous said...

I liked the perspective you have on your work life. You won't see many people working and enjoying as well. But it's really good to know you are taking it all as wonderful experience and that too a rewarding one. :)

All the best and keep it up!

Jayant said...

Oh wow, I have as much fun when I start working. Are you working for a publication or something?

Jayant said...

It was, "I hope I have as much fun..."

Mirage said...

@rohit: hehe...yea thats somethin i'll get perfect! :P

@rajeev: Thanks :)

@perceptive gal: Well, it's my first job...i hope it stays this way :)

@Jayant: Hehe dnt worry, u'll do such fine :). Oh n I'm workin with a technology PR firm

Shy said...

Hope you are having fun n enjoying..

desperado said...

you were right....u already applying what you have learnt on d blog :P

Eastmancolour said...

you sure like it there..dont u ;)

glad you do.

Everyone doesn't have the privilege...

oh no no
I'm doing just fine ;) hehe

Reeta Skeeter said...

Not all offices are so much fun! u r a lucky girl! :) Cheers! Happy Blogging!

Mirage said...

@shy: Well the ratio of work to fun is about 9:1! but still, just likin the new atmosphere :)

@Dhruv: heeheehee... :D

@Eastmancolour: Well good for u man! :) Thanks for visiting

@reeta skeeter: Cheers to u 2! :) Thanks fr dropping by!

manuscrypts said...

working relationships and relationships @ work.. happy learning :)

Smartalec said...

and just when you thought that she has been bogged down by work and won't post for a while, she's makes an appearance... and brings along a great post!

hehe! totally cool post! can so associate with it! i felt so lost the first day at office, not a familiar face for miles; all seniors getting along well with one another like age-old pals and me the odd one out; my manager coming to check on me now and then to see if i'm fine and freaking me out instead; not sure how i'd survive sitting at a desk in a cramped up cubicle for the whole day; yes. first day at office was some experience:D! things are different now... like u said, feels like being part of a big, happy family! damn i love my job, my colleagues and everything...;)

nice post, megz! keep posting!

TripleSix said...

i'm so glad u r goin so well with ur job....i wish u all the best n good luck for future propects with ur profession...

Ekta said...

nice to hear ur enjoying ur work-life...most of us are busy cribbing abt our offices and our bosses!:-)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

''government work is god work"" you folled this,,, then there is no problem... thanks visit me

Mirage said...

@manuscrypts: Well put :)

@Smartalec: Glad to knw we're sailing in the same boat man! Wish ya all d best :)

@nika: Thanks niks...luv ya! mwah!

@Ekta: Hehe...i guess i'll get there someday! ;)

@Raghu Ram Prasad: Thanks for the advice man. n thanks fr dropping by

Pat said...

beautiful post....