Wednesday, March 14, 2007


When I came to Mumbai, I wasn’t looking for friends. Colleagues, casual acquaintances, yes, but not friends. Especially not long lasting ones. But then, I met Tina. I hadn’t acknowledged her presence (nor had she acknowledged mine) until after the first month of coming to the same class. We just happened to bump into each other on our way to college once and surprisingly, much to our delight, discovered we live in the same building. Since then we’ve practically been inseparable.

It was so easy to like her. She’s a typical ‘baavi’, a Parsi to the core. In love with her religion, and in love with love. It was fascinating to know she was engaged at 20. She was different from my peers. While the others were all busy trying to get down to business, Tina was busy spreading her charms. Studies were (and still are) the last thing on her mind! Not that she wasn’t bright. She just had very different priorities from the rest of us. She’s rather stay home and take care of her ‘Goolu Maasi’ than finish assignments. Or pay a visit to her in-laws. Or tend to the many relatives of hers that kept streaming in throughout the year. Or go shopping! It was so lovely to have someone as refreshing as her to talk to after a harrowing day at college, ‘coz Tina is always smiling.

It’s amazing how easily I put all my trust in Tina. She’s one of the few genuine people left in this world. Observant like hell, she has funny interests. She likes noting down bus numbers and knowing where which one goes. She likes hospitals for God’s sake. She’s shit scared of butterflies. She makes the funniest sound ever, when she gets hiccups! She loves buying gifts for anyone and everyone. She sleeps in class. But every time you mention the word ‘Parsi’, or ‘Hyderabad’ her head pops up and her face breaks into a smile (‘coz she’s from Hyd and loves her city)! She goes crazy when she sees a ship (coz her fiancé is a shippie). And she simply loves taking ferry rides.

We’ve had so much fun together. The best time we had was when we went to Alibaug with our respective boyfriends, and she gave me tips on the art of seduction! Silly girl! Right now, she’s down with typhoid and is admitted to the hospital. I’m so worried for her. I hope she gets well soon. Miss her crazy antics so much! Gonna miss her all the more when I get back home. I am so used to seeing her around, she’s almost like a sister to me… it’s gonna feel really empty without her in Delhi. She better pay me a visit… Tina, if you read this, just wanna let you know…you’re really special, and mean a lot to me. You’ve really made a difference in my life. Thanks for being who you are…love you lots! And get back home pleeeaaase!!


Rohit Talwar said...

Ah.. Some people become important just like that.. don't they!

Chal go and tell all these sweet things to her in the hospital.. she'd feel better :)

But, I must say, Mumbai ka bhala ho jayega tu ayegi to.. Delhi ka chain khallas! :P

DewdropDream said...

I applaud your friendship :)

milo said...

hey tina! get welll soon yaar...
n megs! m sure she wil remain thr fr u always. dont wry.
u knw.. wen d frndship is pure n genuine , it never loses its charm.

Shy said...

friends do come into ur life, unnoticed-and someday we realize hpow important they are towards making ur life happy, and livable. i've had few friends who are very close, but when i am with them life seems complete, and I don't give a damn for anything else when im with my friends. :-). So go cheer her up in hospital, and hope she gets well soon.


Jayant said...

Yup, you can never decide for yourself whether you'll be making friends or not. If it has to happen, it will and if it's not meant to happen then you'll probably never find a person special enough for you to call a friend. That's why true friends are so important; there are people out there who go through life without ever having any 'real' friends.

Although, once you have to move away and leave your old friends, you might feel as if you'd never be able to make good friends again, which is, in some sense, expected but, then true friendship always finds its way.

Hope Tina gets well soon. :)

desperado said...

darn...all d beautiful girls r taken :P
u can never loose friends so easily dear...if its true n pure d bond remains strong even over distances :)

Rajeev said...

Ah Splendid! :)
Nice way to let ur fren know how much she means to u :)
Im sure she will be Ok.
God bless ya girls.
Long live ur frenship :P
heheheh! :D

Peace & Love

Mirage said...

@Rohit: Delhi ka chain khallas ho na ho, tujhe to pakka khallas kar dungi! :P

@dewdrop: Thanks so much! :)

@Milo: Right on! Just like ours :)

@Shy: Yep, she did need a lotta cheering up from a lotta ppl! She's a lot better now n will b cmng home soon! Yipee!

@Jayant: True... n i'm so glad it found it's way to my heart. :)

@Dhruv: Yep...and this bond is one of them :)

@Rajeev: Thanks so much. She's a lot better now...just waitin fr her to get bak. :) Oh n thanx fr dropping by.

TripleSix said...

hey megha,
long time ha....guess wat,i've finally jotted some lines...quiet a crazy poem...i wud say,my first take on sarcasm or dark humour..

anyhow,it was really nice to read about tina...she really seems to be a nice person...wish her good luck frm myside....i'll be delighted if u do so....

i dn't know,if i shud be sayin this,cos u have fallen in love with mumbai city..but i'm really lookin fwd to ur coming back...i really am...

take care

Stone said...

hmm....she surely is an interesting girl!

Feels good to read this 'feel-good' post :-)

deepti said...

now that was such a sweet n a nostalgic post... Brought back lot of memories....
Dont worry sweets Tina will get well soon. May god bless u both.

Mirage said...

@nika: First of all...crazy post! :P, in a good way that is!
N secondly, i cnt wait to see you either! just abt a week more to go :). Will b bak soon to bug u! :D

@stone: Felt good to write it to too :)

@deepti: Thanks deepti. Tina's now bak home and on bed rest for a week now. Guess all my blogger buddies' wishes worked for her! :) Thanks

Saurabh said...

Hey that is so sweet of you mentioning your feelings about your friend. So luck you are. Friends are kisses blown to us by angels (I know that’s yours but…)

@Tina, do you know how lucky you are?

Ekta said...

awww...well do hope she gets well soon and is back to her old antics!

Glittering girl said...

this is such a simple post yet so honestly expressed and that's what matter sin friendship too.. being genuine.. :) hope she is fine now.. and all happy and making funny sounds while hiccups! lol..

Amod said...

The pic that you have chosen is so gawddamn apt!

Gluck Tina!

First Rain said...

Friends of rain, friends of wind,
Friends of some times chagrined,
Friends of hexes, Friends of charm,
Friends of a heartening warm.

Blessed friends!

Mirage said...

@Saurabh: Boy that feels good to hear! :P

@Ekta: She is gettin better now... in fact she's up to some of her ol tricks agen! :D Thanks fr visiting!

@Glittering Girl: Hehe! That she does! Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

@Amod: Oh? Jee, thanks! :)

@First Rain: Aww, finally u decide to pay me a visit! :) Thanks for the lovely words... we are truly blessed :)

Smartalec said...

shucks! it's a wonder how people suddenly walk into ur life and before u know it become invaluable entities called friends! what'll people do without friends?
sweet post! hope tina gets well soon :)

a blue eyed girl said...

what a lovely post! how lucky you are to have a friend like Tina. :) hope she's feeling better.