Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Holi!

A shade of pink
At the break of dawn
To lift your spirits

A streak of yellow
Across the sky
To brighten your day

A touch of blue
In the breeze
To keep you fresh

A canopy of green
Above your head
To keep the sun away

Hues of red
Along your path
To spread the cheer

Take the plunge
Into the palette of life
Don’t stop at the rainbow!


D'yer Mak'er said...

you must must must excuse me for this... for in such a sweet occassion... i'm askin' you to let me mourn a while for all those who relies solely on a festival to relish the symphony of colors... for the rest of us who knows you..... you've always been a prism! ....n' i bathed with every single color since the time i began to know you... i wonder since when "mirages" became so reachable!

p.s. n' yeah.... for everyone else.... happy holi!!!!

Mirage said...

@d'yer mak'er: thankyou so much! Btw...mirages didnt become reachabe! they only became real fr the ones who believed in them...! :)

D'yer Mak'er said...

n' just for the record... that was so much more than a "thank you" !!!!!!

milo said...

happy holi to all.......

TripleSix said...

arey...meri rang barangee...tune toh rangeen kar diya apne blog ko...

badiya ha!!!

Mirage said...

@d'yer mak'er: hehe! Made u look! ;)

@milo: apne blog me jaake wish kar!

@nika: Thankyou hai ji! :)

D'yer Mak'er said...

@milo: apne blog me jaake wish kar!
...awww!!..that was so rude... nevermind can wish where ever you want to... blogger kya iske baap ka hai??!!!!

Mr. Maverick said...

Holi was *yaaaaawn* boring! Though i would have loved to play with the local birds here ;-)



Bhim said...

Thanks a lot for coming over to my blog, and yes, as you have seen, my holi was a blasting affair :) .. how was yours?

Mirage said...

@bhim: Not a blasting affair like urs! Actually we didnt celebrate this time...