Thursday, December 01, 2005


I know I said I'd try and post something cheerful next time...but being unwell sometimes takes its toll on you. And since an empty mind works overtime, I again came out with something dull. Please bear with me...

Misty, foggy, dull
The day matches my mood
People around me smile
So why do I brood?

I feel I want to cry
But no tears come out
I try to be happy
But still, I sit and pout

Anger, hatred, jealousy
Rest inside me
For whom, I don’t know
They’re waiting to be free

Should I let them out?
Or lock them somewhere
And hide the key
And pretend not to care

For fear they might hurt
Someone I dearly love
And break the delicate bonds
That God lovingly wove

I need to find a way
Out of this strange madness
And make sense of it all
Before I sink into sadness...


zxcv said...

honoured to be the 1st one to comment
well looks like the delhi winter is taking its toll on u... 1st things 1st wish u a speedy recovery...
easier said than done but i would suggest the protagonist needs a confidant asap, keeping ones feelings inside will do more harm than gud. this ability of letting things out or letting things go comes naturally to someppl and the rest have to work on it.
i myself am not gr8 at it, but if something is the matter and i do get the opportunity of opening up b4 someone, its feels like a tonne of weight removed from the heart

Arz000n said...


Again a sad posty :(

Cheer up Mirage!!

Random said...

arre baba...u feel what you feel. no need to be apologetic abt what you feel. just wish you get well soon.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Hey hey hey, get well soon gal. And I won't say anything to what you feel like right now coz those lines remind me of me....

Mirage said...

@zxcv: ur right man...but i hv to make sense of my own feelings before i put them in front of some one else...

@arz000n: Will do, z000nie! :)

@rash: thnx man!

@kroopa: Thnx...n het take care of urself

anuj said...

hey megha tht was WOW !! sad but nice.

and hey wht happ to u .. comeone babes get up .. and get well soon yaar .. i miss d conference :) .... ladna nahin hai kya mujhse .... i m ready wid my armour .... yaad hai na ..u called me HOPELESS ROMANTIC .. badla lene ke liye tayar .. get up u warrior of ligt .

and u dont need to lock up ur feelings .. throw them all towards ME [ i mean ur friends ] .. and u will feel lite ....

u cheer up megha ..

the way out of tht strange madness is a smile .... smile babes :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Should I let them out?
Or lock them somewhere
And hide the key
And pretend not to care



milo said...

m waiting till u decide to open up.
is it related to anju by any chance???

dwaipayan said...

get well soon. and both the pic and the poem is so nice

Mirage said...

@anuj: thnx man! i knw i cn always count on frnds lk u! Frnds who make me smile thru my tears... :)

@rohit: thnx! :)

@milo: pagal hai kya!! uske oopar i wont waste even a single sec, to poem likhna to door ki baat hai!

@dwaipayan: thnx man! i'm already feelin better! :)

Jithu said...

though cladded with sadness, the poem was really nice. cheer up and come back to normal pal..

Jayant said...

Ooooohhhkkkk...what do I say?
Yeah, you're right that being unwell can at times take it's toll on you, but you gotta calm down girl! :P

The poem's nice. :) You worried about some close friend or family member? Hope it woks out fine.

cherubic_chipmunk said...

wat a poem!...i kno 'tis bad to say but hey if u cud pen down such rhythmic wonders then its ok even if u stay dull...i mean dullness brings out such beauties frm very few ppl n if u continue on those lines,then a place in history is assured...god bless!!

the Monk said...

hmmm...get well soon...nice poem..let it all out...always better..

Koi Pahailee said...

You are sad
but hey! look at the brighter side..

u get to express it in so many wonderful poems...:)

Mr. Maverick said...

oh hooo... ye kya laga rakha hai?

Btw, who is that girl on that photo? I would like to buy her a drink :P

Mirage said...

@jithu: will do buddy....:)

@jay: naah i aint worried abt anything! N i'm absolutely fine now thnx! :)

@arvind: thnx! but didnt i tell u abt gettin crticism...n u promised u'd giv it to me! ;)

@varun: This is the best way i let it out!

@koi pahaeili: i wish my poems were on a slightly happier note!

@arun: :) i think coffee wud suit her just fine!

Keshi said...

Nice pic...

Sadness has a beauty shows how much u can feel...