Thursday, June 17, 2010


Life rushes by
In a blink of an eye
The clock won't stop
And neither will I

No matter the ache
Or people who fake
Promises and smiles
I will not break

Fury and fire
May burn my spire
My body may burn
My soul won't tire

For I am the light
So pure and white
Beyond mortality
Flaring the night

And as times fly
or days go by
My dreams will live
and hope won't die


Stone said...


R said...

And I shall return
As photos fade away
To renew the moment
That's now dull and gray.

Mirage said...

@Stone: thnx!

@rohit: and so I'm back!

ani_aset said...

this was simple yet very very effective and positive :D

Pallavi said...

As long as there is hope.. we can keep going :)

enchantinganki said...

hey! 1st time here~
lovely poem :-)

desperado said...

hope wont die...
and sometimes thats all is needed to go on

PS: Lovely template...long time since I have been here

Anil P said...

Well said.

And it is the light that keeps the hope alive.

Mirage said...

@Pallavi: Well said!

@enchantinganki: Welcome! and thanks! :)

@dhruv: hello, long time! btw, i cnt access ur blog...

@anil_p: hoping against hope!

desperado said...

check you you should be

Merlin said...


Mirage said...

@dhruv: oki!

@merlin: thnx!!

Bu Thyab said...

Beautifully written and very coherent! I enjoyed reading it especially the first stanza, and it is very true!

Will continue to read your poems =)

Post more ^__^

Tina said...

Such a freaking awesome poem... Loved it all the way...Such delight in reading ur stuff...