Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A difficult realization
A bitter truth shoved into my face
When two most important people
Cease to match each other’s pace

The quarrels that I chose to ignore
Have suddenly become too frequent
Somewhere along those forty five years
The so called love started it’s descent

It’s already tough to deal with age
And alcohol only makes it worse
When lunacy takes over our loved ones
It only leaves behind scars

And the reality to be faced with is
‘They never loved each other
And all the bitterness through these years
Has made them hate one another’

The times gone by all seem so fake
You see compromise in every smile
And remorse in every teardrop
Wonder why they carried on all this while

It’s like a thousand knives
Slicing through my numb heart
Cry myself to sleep every night
Watching my family fall apart


First Rain said...


Rohit Talwar said...


Stone said...

Take care of yourself!

Random said...

stark. too stark. one needs marham after that

Mirage said...

@FR: *Hugs back*

@Rohit: :)

@Stone: I will, thanks. :|

@Rash: Sure does!

Divinity said...

Megz my baby...Look after yourself...Dont worry things will fall into place. We are all there for you Angel. Take loads of care.....And we all love you.

Shy said...

Hey, hey, hey...Don't worry! Even though I've never met you, you are a very amazing person, and I don't like friends worrying. So as we're all there for each, hugs!

annie said...

Sorry for what you are goin thru..mus b tuf but u gotta take it in ur stride with a brave heart. Nice poem!