Tuesday, February 13, 2007


College’s almost over. Just a couple of months to go. The inevitable question- now what?! Probably get a job someplace. And then a series of more troublesome questions follow. So what is it going to be like to work? Do I know what I’m supposed to do? Do I even know what I’m doing? Will my boss like me? Will my co- workers like me? Will I like them?

My mind is like a busy street right now, with thoughts running to and fro like DTC buses. And my heart? Well it’s more like a subway train.

Oh did I mention, I got a job.

Which is why I’m in such a frenzy right now. At first I couldn’t really believe it. Me? Job? I’m just an unemployed student. A student. I can’t work! And earn too?? Are you kidding me?! I still get monthly allowance from Dad. What do you mean I’ll get a salary!? That’s for older people who are professionals with lots of experience. I’m just a kid. A kid who wants to go back home and live with her parents.

Well at least that part’s going to happen for sure.

I’ll be shifting base back to Delhi. Yipeeeee! There’s so much to do, and I feel so unprepared…and dependant. But at least I’ve started out on the path I’d imagined myself to be on. Only this time, it’s not imagination. It’s really happening. And I’m going to face this new life… head on. And smiling :)


Rohit Talwar said...

*pauses for effect*
Whoa! (Although I knew... wanted to kickstart here) CONGRATS!

I think what's exciting is that you don't have to ask your Dad for money anymore. That's frikkin awesome!
And the best part is that you're going to shifting back.. like you wanted. Life's going to be cool once again.. so chill! Enjoy whatever long is left of your stay in Mumbai!

Oh, and don't forget the promise! :D

Random said...

An amazing time to be you! congrats.

desperado said...

great going..congrats!!!!!!

Amod said...

I have been through all this. Initially it feels awkward but slowly you start loving(adapting to) your new life and it isn't as bad as it looks from the perspective of a student, who is about to finish studies and enter a new world. The most boring part is office-home-office cycle.. very boring :((( But since Delhi is your real home where your parents and kins live, you have an added advantage. Hmm.. and money will not hurt. Good luck!!

Shy said...

congrats ! and as for shifting back base to dilli, who know might bump into each other some day !

Mirage said...

@Rohit: What promise!? :P hehe, thanks man!! I knw u wont let me forget so easy! *hugs*

@Ravin: Full on!!

@Dhruv: Thanks, my fav patient!

@Amod: Oh yea I'm sooo lookin fwd to goin home!! And yea, the money dznt hurt at all! ;)

@Shy: Aw thanks! And wud love to bump in2 u sometime! :D Take care sweets!

Keshi said...

well sweetie all the best with ur job hunt! Im sure ur gonna end up getting a good one. Just stay positive.

Happy Delhi-ing too ;-)


>|' ; '| said...

good luck! never be content! :)

First Rain said...

Belated Happy Valentine's to you too, dear! Welcome back home :) Cheers to your new life. Have fun.

Ashish Shakya said...

Hey congrats on your job!! Where will you be working?

Oh and you will miss student life bigtime...