Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Memories hound me
Like ravens
Haunting a lonely lighthouse
Their cries
Piercing my heart

Every little thing
Becomes a painful cue
Of moments spent with you

The narrow lanes
Where we walked hand in hand
The seashore
Where we gazed at the horizon
And pondered over our lives

All of these
Remind me of a past long gone
And a future, that’ll never be

My hopes shatter
My dreams explode
Against the walls of my heart
Like waves crashing on the rocks

Questions surround me
The whys and the why nots
Of broken promises
Of incomplete vows
Of brief forevers
And a love
That does not belong…


desperado said...

a very different post ..particularly after "Love Omen"

milo said...

u knw wat... " SHUT UP"
jes relax... take a deep breath..seriously... u knw jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai...
i may hav lost faith on a few things... but i still believe that behind evry damn thing or a change thrs a reazon.. n kuch accha hamare liye...muaaah
loadsa hugss.. miss ya.
u knw vaise its very funny d way we r counsellin each oder these days...lol

Mirage said...

@dhruv: Just missing him man... :)

@milo: haan haan meri counseller! i'm fine yaar...bas yaad aa gayi sab ki...n i know there's a reason for everything :) dont worry, jo hoga achha hi hoga! miss u lots too! mwah!

Keshi said...

I know...Love often does not belong. But what in this life is really our's to keep forever? Nothing at all. Even we don't belong to us.

Happy New Year sweetie! TC and stay strong.


Anonymous said...

broken promises..icomplete vows..and brief forevers

That was amazing!!!!


First Rain said...

Happy New Year!

May you have a wonderful year in which you faith in love is renewed and reaffirmed.

Rohit Talwar said...

Whatever's wrong dude? Relax.. You're gonna get a job soon anyway.. make a trip and get me something ;-)

Relax. =)
Never gets that bad. Never will.

Random said...

ishq par zor nahin
hai yeh woh aatish ghalib
jo lagaye na lage
aur bujhae na bane

SmartOxymoron said...

Greetz for the new year. And very nice pic. And words, ofcourse.

Jithu said...

quite emotional and touching.. have a great yeah ahead for the love..